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Record! The Cabinet “Borisov 3" allocated nearly 10 billion leva for agriculture!

During the third government of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, direct payments (subsidy per head of animal or per decares area) amounted to 9 901 492 783 leva. This shows a report of the Council of Ministers for the period 2014 - 2020.
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The amount is a record for farmers and exceeds all investments in the agricultural sector since the beginning of democratic changes.

Agriculture was completely devastated under the blue government of Philip Dimitrov, and then literally wiped out with the robber privatisation during Ivan Kostov's time.

With the arrival of Borisov, there was a vibration in the traditional Bulgarian industry, and the nearly 10 billion invested in it already give tangible results.

For the last 6 years market measures (export refunds and promotional programs — wine and bees) are exactly BGN 334 495 294

In the same period funds paid under the Rural Development Programme to farmers (for investments, compensatory payments, young farmers, etc.) are 4 065 575 494 leva.

The numbers speak quite clearly about Prime Minister Borissov's sustainable policy towards agricultural development and making it a state priority.

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