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Records in the trade of electricity - its price in our country among the lowest (Infographic)

A record December marked the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange in electricity trading on the Day Ahead platform. It traded 1,754 887.8 megawatt hours, which is the largest amount for a month since the creation of this market segment in 2016.
Records continue in the early days of the new year.

Pack on the market “Day ahead” with a day of delivery January 5 was sold 68 043.30 MW, with the average power output of 2835.14 megawatts, i.e. well above the power of the Kozloduy NPP. With these quantities, the exchange marked a new record.

For 24 Hours, her boss Konstantin Konstantinov said that this was because of the activity of the participants on the free market. At the moment in the segment “Day Ahead” they are 83.

Prices on the Bulgarian electricity exchange in the market segment “Day Ahead” in the first working days of January are among the lowest in Europe, which explains the trading record. So for the first working day - January 4, they are 49.05 euros per megawatt-hour and this makes the traded electricity the cheapest in Europe.

For January 5th, when the record is, the price is 51.55 euros, cheaper only in Serbia, Greece and the Netherlands.

For delivery day 6 January the price of 47.33 euro per MWh was achieved and again it was the lowest in Europe. (See chart.)

The calming of prices on the Bulgarian exchange is expected to happen after it joined the European unions of the “Day Ahead” platforms. Then it will be possible to trade electricity from here across Europe.

One option is to do this through Greece, which connects to Italy with an undersea cable. This is expected to happen from April. The second time is through Romania, which is likely to happen in August, Konstantinov says.