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Recovering Wuhan gives confidence and boost to China's economy

Currently, normal life and the economy in China are recovering at a rapid pace. Where does the country's confidence that it will implement this year's goals for social and economic development come from? Wuhan has his own specific response, Radio China reports.
From March 30, the restoration of business and trade in the city began. Currently, over 80% of the shops on the Hanzier shopping street are open.

Minimizing the impact of the epidemic on consumer service is the most important for the Chinese economy. The Wuhan administration has taken a number of measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises. Similar is the situation elsewhere in China. With the help of central and local governments, businesses overcome difficulties.

With Wuhan's participation, the resumption of production across the country is accelerated step by step. By March 28, 98.6 percent of large industrial enterprises had recovered production. By 9 April, 70% of the capacity of more than 76% of the important exporting companies has been restored. By 10 April, over 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises had started production again.

Wuhan, who has been hit most seriously by the epidemic and is contributing to the economic reopening of the country, shows the responsibility of the “community of shared destiny” to the world. A united and capable of turning the crisis into opportunities China is confident in meeting the social and economic development goals for this year and will continue to give confidence and a boost to the global economy.