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Reference showed how many days on our sea can spend with minimum wage Bulgarian and German

With the minimum wage in Bulgaria - 610 BGN, two Bulgarians can afford to spend a five-day holiday on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, showed a report of “Monitor” in the online booking platforms.
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ado.slave ('adoceanblitzbgvppmqmhred', {myMaster: '32krqyjgbc4z5Sigp3zu1zeyf3dx9g_PSWM02Cjdcel.s7'}); With their minimum monthly remuneration of just over 3000 BGN, a couple from Germany can go to the Bulgarian seaside resorts for 25 days.

According to offers in the network for a 3-star holiday on All Inclusive basis within one working week, our people count an average of 640 BGN or slightly above the national minimum wage. The rates of the nights may vary by about 15 — 20 BGN depending on the resort chosen for the holiday.

In the home booking site it is indicated that the cheapest holiday in Golden Sands - 605 BGN for two people, and besides the meals include free parking and internet. In this case, however, the property does not provide free beach accessories on the seashore, as in most holiday offers in Bulgaria. This year in the resort, umbrellas and sun loungers are priced from BGN 2.

The five days of beach are the most expensive in the area of Nessebar and Sunny Beach. While at party destination number one on the Black Sea coast the nights for two go 660 BGN, in neighboring Nessebar they jump by 20 BGN. From time to time the low prices in Bulgaria are attractive for foreigners as well.

Among the priority tourist markets and partners of Bulgaria is Germany, whose residents show considerable interest not only in the native sea, but also in the balneo and SPA services offered in Bulgaria. According to Eurostat data, the minimum wage of German workers is €1557 (£3045). With a similar salary, they could easily spend twenty-five days summer on the beaches in our country.

Information from the Unified Tourist Information System (ESI) shows that from 1 June 2020 until 6 August 2020 the overnight German tourists in accommodation establishments throughout the country are just over 34 thousand. The largest number are precisely the residents staying in the resort “Golden Sands”.

We recall that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariyana Nikolova held an urgent meeting with the German tour operators after the appearance of a report from a nightclub in Golden Sands, where anti-epidemic measures are not observed.

During it the advertising strategy for the presentation of Bulgaria as a COVID-19 free country was discussed. In order to ensure the safe movement of guests to the accommodation, a “green corridor” was also proposed on the roads.