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Restaurateurs after new restrictive measures: We expect turnovers to fall

Restaurateurs once again found themselves facing collapse after the new restrictive measures introduced by Health Minister Kirill Ananiev to control the surge in coronavirus infected in Bulgaria.
“We're going to have a pretty big drop, they want 50% employment, that is, through the table we have to put the reservette. This will affect our work badly”, predicted to BNT Dimo Dimov, who owns a restaurant in the Sea Garden of Burgas.

In his words, compliance with the measures will depend entirely on people's self-awareness.

"We will now have to warn customers that more than 30 people in the open air cannot gather. We're going to drop our turnovers. I do not know how we will distribute the people in the restaurant to comply with absolutely all the measures, "he said.

Dimov hopes the new measures will work because otherwise he faces the dilemma of leaving 30 people on the street.

"It's 30 families that rely on that income,” he concluded.


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