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Restaurateurs repent for caretaker minister of tourism

The Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria /SZB/ and the Bulgarian Association of Restaurants /BAZ/ strongly object to the proposal of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA/ its chairman, Georgi Shterev, to be appointed as official minister of tourism, said the two organizations.
According to the SPB and BAZ, this is not a proposal by most of the sector, but only of the association, which “in the last year has proven that it is only interested in the interests of hoteliers”.

"With all due respect to Mr. Shterev, but neither he nor the organization represented by him are unifiers for our sector, but quite the opposite. We convinced ourselves that in the abbreviation BHRA, the R, which is supposed to mean “restaurant”, has long lost its meaning and is now just for sound,” the two organizations say.

They define the BHRA's proposal as a caretaker minister of tourism as a lobbism and another attempt by hoteliers “to gain power and privileges”. The SZB and BAZ state readiness, if Georgi Shterev is appointed official minister of tourism, to express their civil protest by all means possible.

Yesterday Shterev's candidacy for serving minister of tourism was announced by BHRA in some media.