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Resuming work on “Nord Stream-2" in December

Work on the construction of the Nord Stream-2pipeline will resume in December after a year-long hiatus, BTA quoted DPA as saying.
The information was confirmed by the company operator of the project Nord Stream 2 (Nord Stream 2).

Construction of the facility, which will carry Russian gas directly to Germany, will be renewed on 5 December, German media reported earlier today.

The US administration wants to prevent the completion of the pipeline, DPA recalls.

In December 2019, construction activities on the Danish island of Bornholm were suddenly halted as two Swiss vessels laying the pipes withdrew from the project because of the threat with sanctions from the US. In the same month, Washington passed a law granting a 30-day deadline for most companies to stop work on the project, which could become grounds for sanctions.

The construction of “North Stream 2" is almost complete. The facility will double Russian gas deliveries to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

Opponents of the project, including the United States, Poland and Ukraine, say the pipeline will strengthen Moscow's economic influence over Germany. According to Berlin, however, it will create a direct and secure source of energy raw materials.