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Revisoro: 59 procedures for BGN 4.3 billion grant are announced under OP “Environment”

The announced grant procedures from OP “Environment” for the period 2014-2020 are currently 59, totaling BGN 4.3 billion. This was evident from an ecomist Emil Dimitrov's response during parliamentary control. The funds represent 127% of the programme's resources, with an additional 20% overnegotiated, Dimitrov explained.
So far, 308 projects have been agreed under the Operational Programme, 137 of which in 2020. The value of the grant is BGN 3.8 billion or 112% of the budget of the programme, the eco-minister specified. In 2020, the agreed funding amounts to BGN 616m. Verified expenditure under European national co-financing amounts to BGN 1.1 billion, which is 32.4% of the programme's budget. Certified grant expenditures are BGN 1.1 billion, or 32.7% of the budget, Dimitrov also gave information.

In his words, the projects were launched later, the pandemic also led to additional delays due to an extension of at least 2 months of the deadlines for submitting tenders. However, the projects of plumbing operators were evaluated and agreed on record short terms, he was categorical.

The project proposals were presented in the period February-April 2019, most of which were agreed in the period July-October 2019. Public procurement for the rest of the activities are announced late - most in the period February - June 2020, Minister Dimitrov said.


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