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Romanians will be able to postpone payment on your bank contributions for 9 months

Romanian Finance Minister Florin Cutsu announced that Romanians would be able to postpone payment of their contributions to banks for 9 months and specified that this applies to both individuals and legal entities, Didji24 television reported.
Cutsu wrote on Facebook that he had agreed with the National Bank of Romania and the banking system to postpone payment of loan contributions for 9 months. This will be done by submitting an application to the relevant bank online.

"The solution I proposed to the national banks and the banking system takes into account a number of elements. Those who wish to postpone their contributions can do so for up to 9 months (...) The proposal was approved, we will see if it remains so in the decree, "the minister said. He pointed out that a decree including this measure is expected to be adopted at a government meeting tomorrow.

"We discussed who should have access to this postponement, and my suggestion was that we should not discriminate, that all Romanians who request it (...) have access, whether they are natural or legal persons, “Cutsu said. He explained that the application would take place in two stages: first by telephone conversation, and then by emailing a written application.

Florin Kutsu also indicated that next week a budget adjustment will be made to provide the money needed by the Ministry of Health.