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Rosen Zhelyazkov: Long-term policies in the field of rail transport are needed

Long-term policies in the field of rail transport are needed. This was stated by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rosen Zhelyazkov during a meeting with representatives of the newly established Association of Rail Businesses, quoted in a communication from the MTITC.
“During the pandemic, freight rail transport did not stop operations and proved their important role in the logistics chain not only in Bulgaria but throughout Europe. The sector is also of strategic importance in the context of the Green Deal, as rail transport has been shown to be environmentally sound and energy-efficient. Exceptional perspectives are opened in the future, so opportunities should be sought for their deployment,” Rosen Zhelyazkov was quoted as saying. In this regard, the development of intermodal terminals on the territory of the country was discussed, BTA said.

Minister Zhelyazkov pointed out that the railway provides attractive opportunities for freight transport and was adamant that it would guarantee equal treatment of carriers in the sector.

In the framework of the conversation the industry presented to the Minister their proposals for the development of freight transport on the rail network and expressed their willingness to assist in the development of specific measures and policies.