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Russia suspends all scheduled and charter flights from 27 March

Russia suspends all international flights as of Friday, March 27, at midnight. This is under a government decree introducing new measures to contain the coronavirus, France Press and TASS reported.
The decree will apply to all entry and exit flights from Russian territory except for special aircraft, which bring home Russian citizens from abroad.

Russia has already significantly reduced its international connections, which were possible only between Moscow and other capitals and the flights were necessarily on the national airline carrier Aeroflot, BTA adds.

Officially, Russia has recorded 658 cases of coronavirus and announced that two patients aged 73 and 88 had died without, however, directly linking their deaths to Covid-19, AFP noted.

The deception, which was published today, comes into force a number of measures announced in recent days - closing a number of public places in the Russian regions, where so far very few measures have been taken to stop the spread of the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

Aeroflot had so far closed 92 international routes out of a total of 94, company spokesman Mikhail Demin said, quoted by TASS. A total ban on international flights, excluding special flights to return Russian citizens home, was an expected measure, Demin commented.


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