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Ryanair resumes 40 percent of its flights from July

Low-cost airline Ryanair (Ryanair) said today it plans to resume 40 percent of its scheduled flights from July 1, introducing safeguards including wearing masks and measuring temperature, but will not impose social distance, the France Press reported, quoted by BTA.
The airline carrier plans to run about 1,000 flights every day, resuming 90 percent of its routes, DPA notes.

The plan will be implemented if restrictions on flights in Europe are lifted.

Ryanair specified that it currently runs only 30 flights a day after governments in Europe introduced social distance and major restrictions on international flights.

The airline said it plans to resume operations at nearly all of its 80 bases in Europe, but will have fewer flights on its main routes.

The Irish airline will require all passengers to fill out a form with information on how long their stay will be and where they will stay, with this information provided to governments to monitor compliance with quarantine measures, Reuters notes.

Purchases of drinks and food on the plane will only happen with a card and it will be forbidden to queue for a toilet.

Social distance at the airport and on the plane will simply be “encouraged whenever possible,” the company pointed out.


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