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Ryaner plans to refund nearly half of its flights

Low-budget carrier Ryanair announced today that it plans to recover 40 per cent of its usual flights from 1 July because of the drop of restrictions on EU flights from that date, Diary reported.
The Irish company will operate a thousand flights daily, thus recovering about 90 per cent of its network of flights before the coronavirus crisis.

Since mid-March, the company operates about 30 flights a day between Ireland, Britain and Europe. From July, it will restore flights from most of its 80 bases on the continent.

Indicates that there will be less frequency of flights on its main routes to restore service on a larger number of them instead of having more flights per day or week on fewer of them.

On its website, the company has published the measures it has implemented in relation to the contagion, including restrictions on checked baggage, online check-in, removing the boarding pass from the smartphone and checking for passenger temperature.

Only packaged snacks will be available on board and no cash payment will be accepted. Waiting in line for the toilet will not be allowed.


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