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Sacheva: 30 thousand people keep their jobs so far thanks to 60/40

After the crisis, we are ready to take over 40% of the minimum wage and the benefits of their employees for a month
The aid of BGN 375 can be paid once. At the moment, we have given working parents who are on unpaid leave the opportunity to take advantage of it. I'm sure the money won't be enough for everyone, but we need to distribute it fairly. For these 375 BGN people will be able to apply as early as next week, Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva commented to BTV.

Our commitments are to expand the hot lunch program - the hopes are to reach nearly 60 thousand nationwide. Our other concern is the unemployed - 73 thousand have been registered as unemployed since the beginning of the crisis, 12 thousand have found work. About 30,000 people will keep their jobs thanks to the 60/40 measure, with around 2,000 employers benefiting from it, Sacheva said.

Businesses probably expect much more liquidity-related measures or to enable direct support. Such measures are also being worked on. Human Resources Development Programme we are ready to provide for at least one more month the provision of employers with 40% of the minimum wage and their insurance for the people who work with them. There will also be assistance in the form of an interest-free loan for self-insurers and those on a civil contract, who will be able to take up to 4500 leva with a grace period of 6 to 24 months, and to repay within 5 years, Sacheva added.


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