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Sacheva: 68% of employers do not approve of the measures because they do not know them

68% of employers disapprove of the government's anti-crisis measures to help businesses overcome the consequences of COVID-19, Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva told bTV. 50% of them did not benefit from any of these measures. 29% benefited from the 60/40 measure. 78% of the business did not benefit from the moratorium on loan payments. 90% did not benefit from working loans for small and medium-sized enterprises from the BDB, she added.
Sacheva spoke about the accounts and loans during the pandemic and the situation surrounding the measures the state takes to help citizens and employers in the difficult situation.

The chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Radosvet Radev, that we are on the verge of a severe economic catastrophe. “I think these are very strong words from Radosvet Radev. He is constantly involved in the elaboration of the measures. Some of the measures are still not known well enough by employers,” the social minister said.

“The measures are not universal, but they are adequate to the situation and the resources available to us. There has to be a symmetry between goals and resources. We cannot set goals for which we do not have the resources to secure them. Some of the measures seem to not yet know each other well enough by employers. There is more of a mistrust that no funds will be obtained than a deep knowledge of what is actually being offered.

The combination of different measures that an employer can use, say 80/20, 80/0, such as the last 24 leva measure, together with loans, together with grants granted under the Ministry of Economy, could enable an employer to go through the crisis. In my opinion, a significant part of the measures is not known. About the 60/40 measure still people do not know that it has long been changed and is not the one that was operating from March to May”, the Social Minister said.


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