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Sacheva: A balance must be found between economic and health measures

The right balance must be found between economic and health measures. We need to find the right balance between not closing the economy entirely, but also respecting all the rules much more seriously, including this - all wearing masks, now in public places. And at the moment there are closed sectors, but the number of infected is increasing, and it is obvious that the disease is spreading diffusely. Cluster closures of certain sectors may not be a good strategy, other opportunities may be sought, Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva told journalists, asked if there should be a new “tightening” of measures after cases of coronavirus are increased, transmits BTA.
It reported that, together with social partners, opportunities to support these businesses would likely be discussed by the end of the week, “which should eventually be closed as establishments are currently closed”. Minister Sacheva said that if it was necessary to close other businesses, other sectors, sports or other events related to public events, new compensation measures would have to be found, as the 60/40 scheme would probably be difficult to work, even 80/20 would be difficult to work if there was no revenue. “One option we are working on is to give a double unemployment benefit, amounting to 24 leva. We are developing another option, which is 80 percent of the insurance income, without the participation of an employer”, Minister Sacheva explained. She added that it would be seen what “bills and estimates” would be needed for the two options. “At the moment, it is our prediction that if a more serious tightening of measures was required, this would cover at least 50,000 people who are on an employment contract,” the Social Minister said.

"The right balance must be found between economic and health measures. We are working on an option if there is to be a full closure, this time we will not ask for self-participation from those employers who will be forced to close. But the measures can only cover those who were correct - those who paid their insurance, those for whom employers were really correct and were on an employment contract. All who currently work in the grey sector, unfortunately, could hardly rely on support from the state”, Minister Sacheva commented. She said the aspiration was for a possible such measure to support employment, for funds to go directly to employees.

Minister Denitsa Sacheva participated today in the national conference “Vocational Education - Second Chance for Leavers and Early Leavers”.


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