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Sacheva announced more bonuses for pensioners and nibbled Radev for contacts with suspicious entities

Measures must not be dissolved before 31 January. This is what Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva said in a television interview.
“The fact that we have two three days lower numbers of newly infected people should not please us and we must complete the full cycle to make sure that we have managed to achieve our goal and limit the contagion,” Sacheva commented.

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"The balance between health and economic measures is difficult. We have focused on the measures we have taken to reach people as quickly as possible. My main activity in the coming days will be how to speed up payments for businesses”, she said.

According to her, economic measures are working and are such that they can reach people faster.

About the second phase of vaccination, where people in adult and mentally retarded homes will be encompassed. It's about 15,000 people housed and 10,000 staff. At the moment, there is little desire for vaccination — about 20%.

The Social Minister also commented on the consultations with President Rumen Radev on the date of the upcoming elections. GERB still do not have an invitation to participate.

“You cannot start consultations with questionable political entities, some parties don't even have registration. This aims to undermine trust. The president is trying to change the date because he said it quite quickly and inconsiderably,” the minister added.

“No date bothers us, at any date we would appear and be the first political force”, Sacheva commented.

Sacheva noted that it is probably possible to have sections for quarantined people, but this option is still being worked on. Continuing to comment on the topic of how quarantined people will vote, Sacheva noted that President Radev should take responsibility in case they fail to exercise their right to vote, announcing the elections at the earliest date for holding the elections - 28 March.

Unemployment is currently around 6.7%, Minister Sacheva said. According to her, it is possible that the additional BGN 50 to pensions for pensioners will continue after the end of March.

Sacheva revealed that the possibility is being considered the additional 50 leva, which is currently paid to all pensioners in connection with their increased health costs due to the pandemic, to continue to be paid for at least two months after the vote.


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