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Sacheva: Employers with closed businesses can combine all available measures

Employers with closed businesses can combine all available measures - one can be given by the measure 60/40 and the others can be given 25 levs, for example. This is what the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva said in the studio of Nova Tv.
When asked how the compensation of 25 levs will be given, Sacheva explained: Employees must submit an application to their employer and inside indicate when they leave on unpaid leave, and accordingly the employer submits it to the Labour Bureaux. This aid can be paid for a total of 60 days, as there were businesses closed before that.

The Social Minister stressed that from Monday it will be possible to apply for this assistance. For now, about 50 million levs were allocated for 50 thousand people, but the entitled ones were 356 thousand and therefore the aid would be extended if needed so that everyone could receive. It will be given after the three weeks of business shutdown or so people who have been with closed businesses since October 28th and apply for it now will receive money during the holidays. Sacheva recalled that parents on unpaid leave may also use the support for raising a child up to 14 years, which is over 600 BGN.

I would not like to set one sector against another because sooner or later this pandemic will pass and again we will need restaurants, to celebrate, to make conferences, etc., said Sacheva.

When asked how many people will be out of work by the end of the year and which sectors will be most affected, she said: Dynamic is this information, until October we maintained some very good unemployment rates, as it fell for five months and was below seven percent. We'll probably have one growth in unemployment, but it depends on what the winter season will be. We're working to keep the percentage below 7, but we'll see if we can make it.

It probably sounds right for the loans to be rescheduled, but they were already until September 30th and the banking sector insists that if this continues to be done, we will get to a very unpleasant banking situation, Sacheva commented. He insisted that in order for each of us to have money, it must move and continue to be paid taxes, at least partially, in order to have the municipalities and the state money.

Under the 80/20 measure, which is implemented by our ministry, more than 30 thousand jobs were preserved, she further explained. For the 60/40 measure we have taken BGN 511 million so far from Europe, we could also look for more under the European SURE instrument.


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