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Sacheva: The Personal Assistance Act will not be repealed

The Personal Assistance Act will not be repealed. This is what Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva told BBC in connection with yesterday's protest of mothers of children with disabilities.
The Personal Assistance Act needs improvement, she said and added that mothers will be able to receive the service of a personal assistant. 'We're talking about there being a fairer allocation of limited resource, and mothers' demands amount to £900m. '

Minister Sacheva explained that the two laws have a combined effect and that the personal assistance mechanism provides money to relatives so that they can take care of the needy.

The protesters' demands are political, Minister Sacheva said and specified that she herself proposed Adriana Stoimenova as Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy. “If there are misunderstandings between her and mothers of disabled children - let's let them get better,” the minister summed up.