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Sacheva: We expect 200,000 to keep their jobs through the 60/40 measure

“Since the start of the state of emergency, 90,000 people have been unemployed, while almost 57,000 have found a new one. Every day there are people who remain unemployed and accordingly find another. The good thing is that in the last two weeks there are more people who find jobs than those who lose theirs”. This is what the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva said in the program “Wake Up” on Nova TV.
She added that social measures work. Nearly 50 days there has been a continuous increase in the number of people applying under the 60/40 measure. “Over 16,000 applications have been submitted and are for 260,000 employees and workers respectively. Some of them are repeated because employers have only applied for a month and are now asking for a second and third. Our expectations are for 200,000 people to keep their jobs thanks to this measure. For 170,000 the remuneration has already been paid, “Sacheva explained.

The Social Minister explained that the measure can be applied until 30 June, and by 30 July it will be possible to pay for this design. Then she will have a new one and through it will be able to appoint people from the Labor Bureau. In parallel, a new recruitment programme for unemployed persons has been launched, which is worth £160 million. “It is aimed solely at the unemployed. Our desire is to focus all our efforts on reducing unemployment and reducing the need for people to stay on social benefits”, explained Denitsa Sacheva.

She was adamant that efforts are currently focused on restoring employment as quickly as possible. He added that it would be necessary to pour funds into support measures for the various sectors. Such an example is bus transport.


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