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Sacheva: We have already returned to pre-crisis unemployment levels

To date, we have already returned to pre-crisis unemployment levels. There are 201,686 unemployed as they were before the state of emergency. The unemployment rate is around 6.5 per cent, retired Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva says on her Facebook account.
Nearly 300,000 people have found new jobs during the pandemic. As many more have retained their jobs under the 60/40 measure. The funds paid under it are 1.148 billion levs.

Under the measure 80/20 for the most affected sectors Tourism, Transport and Hospitality and Restaurants, BGN 168 million were transferred to preserve 30,000 jobs. Save Me Compensations amount to BGN 62.5 million and were paid to 51,653 workers.

With nearly BGN 22 million, 4387 employers have been helped to employ 19 577 unemployed people and to pay their salaries under the Employment for You programme.

Nearly 50,000 families have received support for raising children up to 14 years who study remotely. The funds transferred are almost £62m.

About 7000 more parents have taken the opportunity to babysit their children under the Parents in Employment Programme.

According to Denitsa Sacheva, the moratorium adopted by the National Assembly aimed to obstruct the retired government, but turned out to prevent young people from finding jobs. This moratorium creates difficulties for the implementation of part of our subsidised employment programs - for example, “Start of Career”, under which state and municipal administrations refrain from employing young people for internship or work, says Sacheva.


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