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Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou are the most preferred places to work by Chinese returnees

At a conference for Chinese students abroad, which was held in the town of Sofia. Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on Sunday a white paper on the expectations, prospects and realization of returned-homeland students was unveiled, Radio China reports.
It states that the age group between 25 and 35 currently holds the largest share, at 74.87%, while those between 25 and 30 are 44.67%. Almost 80 per cent of Chinese returning from abroad received a master's or higher education degree. Business administration and finance are the two most preferred specialties, of 4.22% and 3.98% respectively.

Most of the students returning to their homeland hope to work in the field of finance or the Internet. The salaries offered by companies to foreign education employees are close to those in developed countries. In Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the average annual salary is the highest, reaching about 350,000 yuan (about $53,000). Hangzhou ranks first in wage increases — an average of 31.84% per year, followed by Beijing at 30.09%.

The white paper states that over 76% of Chinese students returning from abroad are satisfied with their current work, especially those established in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Among their most preferred cities are Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou.