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Simeonov: With the proposal for 9% VAT on wine and beer we finish our gesture to business

With the proposal for 9% VAT on wine and beer we complete our gesture towards business. This is what NFSB leader Valery Simeonov said during the presentation of his proposal for a 9% VAT rate for wine, beer and sports facilities, Focus reported.
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"This is the last final stage from the group of measures aimed at supporting the tourism business. The business that was hit hardest by the measures against the outbreak. From the very beginning of the declaration of emergency, the establishments were closed and there was a long controversy about what measures should be taken, "he said.

"For the most part, the text of the new paragraph 6 represents a continuation of the United Patriots proposal. We didn't get support back then. This is about reducing the VAT on beer and wine, as well as the tourist services provided by tour operators and tourist agents”, Simeonov said.

He reported that the effect of the tax reduction was already present and it had a positive effect on the Treasury. “Now with beer and wine we will finish our gesture towards business”, Simeonov said.

The leader of the NFSB noted that this is how the domestic production is promoted.


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