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Since July 1st the electricity is cheaper at CEZ and “Energo-Pro”, EVN has ripened in price

With a decrease in the price of gas by 9.4% from June 1, will not change the heating, will superimpose the cost of thermal energy from July

From July 1st, the electricity price for households in Western and Northeastern Bulgaria will be reduced. This became clear from an online briefing of the Chairman of EWRC Ivan Ivanov. He reported that on average electricity in the country would become cheaper by 0.55%. He then reported what the rates were by company.

For CEZ customers on the regulated market the reduction is 0.45 per cent. What “24 hours” in its proposal for prices the company demanded a drastic appreciation of night energy, and in general receives a surcharge of supplies.

And households and small businesses that belong to Energo-Pro will receive electricity at prices 1.69% lower than they are now.

Only for EVN users in Southeastern Bulgaria there will be a barely noticeable increase of 0.15 per cent.

The briefing of the Chairman of the EWRC was about the decision to reduce the price of natural gas by not 1.70 per cent as the application was submitted, but by 9.4 per cent. This is another reduction in gas prices since August 5 last year. It is due to the change in the contract between Bulgargaz and Gazprom Export, in which the prices of gas hubs in Europe have weight.

On the last day of May, Bulgargaz tabled a correction in its price proposal from 1 June and down by 9.4 per cent compared to the one in May. What is already known, the company submits a price application to EWRC every month.

EWRC's resident also announced that the price of heating will not change as of today, although with a decrease of more than 5% of the gas price, this is also reflected in the heat energy.

Ivanov said that 20 days the procedure for changing the prices of heating and if the price is reduced, it will be for 10 days. The cost of natural gas for June will be reflected in the heat prices, which the EWRC will set for a one-year period from July 1st, Ivanov said.