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Snow lifted the price of electricity on the exchange by 27%

Snow and chilling lifted the price of electricity on the energy exchange's “day ahead” platform. For tomorrow, March 25, 41,739 megawatt hours of basic electricity (with delivery between 1 and 24 hours) were traded for BGN 51.53 per megawatt hour. Peak energy (9-20 h) has an average price of 63.33 BGN, and after the peak - from 1 to 8 and from 21 to 24 h, has a price of 39.73 BGN.
For Tuesday the price of basic energy on the exchange was 40.26 BGN per MWh. The appreciation per day is 27%. Peak energy for Wednesday has ripped up 40 percent.

Recall that on Sunday the price collapsed to a record 14.84 BGN per MWh. Low electricity prices, which are below cost, posed the question of how energy will live in a coronavirus situation.