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Solved: Umbrellas on the beach should be separated from cafes

Umbrellas on the beach cafes should be clearly distinguished from those who indulge tourists on the strip, the Monitor informs.
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This was announced by the Ministry of Tourism in connection with the signal for charging with 8 BGN for use of an umbrella by tourists from a restaurant on the beach “Burgas — north”.

The institution states that a clear distinction should be made between beach accessories and an additional commercial area, as beach accessories are used by visitors and the additional commercial area to establishments by concessionaires for servicing outlets.

For the beach “Burgas-North” the concessionaire has stated that for summer season 2020 umbrellas and sun loungers will be provided to visitors free of charge, which should be performed.

In this case, a sea beach “Bourgas-North” will be instructed to the concessionaire immediately to clearly indicate the additional commercial area for consumption to the restaurants and free beach accessories.

Separately verification will be carried out whether eligible areas are complied with by law.