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Stela Baltova's National Tourism Board: Urgent Measures Need to Save the Season

The National Tourism Board expects the newly appointed Minister of Tourism Assoc. Prof. Stela Baltova to take urgent measures to save the summer tourist season. This is said in a position on board, spread a little while ago.
NBT wishes the caretaker minister of success Assoc. Prof. Stela Baltova and hopes it will work well with the industry, as during the first caretaker government of President Rumen Radev, writes in the position of the organization.

"We expect a round of urgent measures to be taken to save the summer season. First of all, intensive communication with international partners and tour operators is needed for Bulgaria's presentation as a safe tourist destination. Talks should be held on the diplomatic field with Germany, Britain, Russia, Poland, Romania and other important markets. This should be done in full sync with the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Health. Common action from the state is needed. Bulgaria is in a favorable situation regarding the reduction of infected and the spread of the coronavirus, but remains on the periphery at the diplomatic level. Greece, Turkey, Spain, Malta, Cyprus are ahead of us in this regard,” the position reads.

The National Tourism Board also insists on extending the 80/20 measures, rescheduling loans to hoteliers and continuing to support tour operators, tour guides and restaurateurs.

In addition, measures must also be provided for large businesses in tourism, which have so far been excluded from subsidisation. They are the second largest employer after the state and therefore the assistance of the caretaker finance minister is needed to find appropriate incentives.

The National Tourism Board offers further enhancement of Bulgaria's advertising on international markets and launching a procedure for developing a new brand, with which our country will be presented in a modern and adequate manner on international tourism markets, completes the position of the organization.