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Suspended imports of over 2100 tons of non-compliant foodstuffs

Inspectors of the Border Control Directorate of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BABH) have identified and did not allow imports into Bulgaria of 2,144 tonnes of non-compliant foods originating in third countries in the past 2020. By comparison, 1,930 tonnes have been retained throughout 2019. This was reported by the press office of BABH.
In the case of controls carried out on imports of foodstuffs of non-animal origin, a maximum of 510 tonnes is the forbidden pepper. Tangerines are ranked in second place by restrained quantities. Last year, 493 tonnes of citrus fruit were not allowed on the market in Bulgaria and the EU. More than 387 tonnes of pomegranate have also been stopped at More than 119 tonnes of oranges and 116 tonnes of lemons are also unallowed. Consignments of fruit and vegetables were forbidden because of pesticide residues found by laboratory tests.

Border control also did not allow 128 tonnes of peanuts, 64 tonnes of hazelnuts and 34 tonnes of pistachios because of the found mycotoxins content.

In veterinary controls at the borders of Bulgaria, more than 70 tonnes of composite products (foodstuffs intended for human consumption containing animal products and products of plant origin are forbidden, and the processing of the primary product is an integral part of the production of final product; e.g. instant soups), 53 tonnes of dairy products, 40 tonnes of fish and fishery products, nearly 29 tonnes of honey.

All food and products where discrepancies are detected by the inspectors of the Border Control Directorate are not admitted to the territory of the country and the EU. The EU Regulations and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria have been complied with, the production has been directed for destruction or has been returned to the country of origin. The captured products subject to notification under the Rapid Disclosure System for Food and Feed (RASFF) were immediately notified.

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