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Taneva: No risk of transferring coronavirus through food

“There is categorically no risk of transferring coronavirus through food. We follow all scientific opinions that come out at different institutes around the world. There is no evidence that contamination by such transmission is possible. ' This is what the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva told NOVA.
“However, anything that is done more, in my opinion, is better for us. Any higher level of hygiene is welcome,” she added.

Taneva advises fruits and vegetables to wash well.

“We must take all anti-epidemic measures to preserve people's health. Personally, I have not had a coronavirus test because I have not felt a malaise or a sign that speaks for it,” she added.

Regarding the coronavirus MP Hasan Ademov, Taneva commented: “I wish him a quick recovery. He and I have a very good collegiate relationship. I believe everything will be fine. I sent him a message last night and told him I wish him a speedy recovery.”

“When we receive signals about food price speculation, we notify the CPC about this. Yesterday we received a signal about ginger that the price in a store is higher and twice as high as weeks ago”, Taneva said.

According to her, one of the biggest problems in the agriculture sector is the lack of export opportunity. “If we manage to logistically provoke the delivery in the stores to be from the Bulgarian producers, we will eliminate the risks in the supply,” she added.

Bulgaria produces lamb and is ready to meet the needs for Easter and St. George's Day, the Minister of Agriculture assured.


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