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Taneva urges retail chains to refuel native produce

“I held talks with the representatives of the retail chains in Bulgaria and urged them to prioritize native produce in their stores in order to support Bulgarian production.” This is what the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva said during the Advisory Council on Livestock Breeding, held today via videoconferencing call, the Ministry said.
In her words, this is one way to help farmers and minimise the loss of their produce. Minister Taneva commented that at present the native producers are experiencing difficulty in realizing their production because because of COVID-19 all farm markets are closed. “We have assurance from the retail chains that even for Easter they will sell only Bulgarian lamb”, added the Minister of Agriculture.

Desislava Taneva informed the breeders that in a few days information about producers carrying out online delivery will be uploaded on the site of the agriministry. “In this way, we want to make it easier for consumers to find the opportunity to order Bulgarian production, which will be delivered to them home,” she said.

The representatives of the livestock sector were also familiar with the course of the 2020 Direct Payments Campaign. Minister Taneva said that at this stage the ministry does not foresee an extension of the campaign because this will lead to delays in future payments. Organization has been made for applications to be submitted electronically. All agricultural services work in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities and farmers who do not have the opportunity to submit electronically can go to the site. “Nearly 20 times the number of applications submitted through the electronic system in one week”, Taneva noted.

During the meeting it became clear that a mechanism was sought to target unemployed harvesting activities as well as others in the agriculture sector.

The Minister of Agriculture commented that the working process in the farms should continue and all requirements for disinfection and social distance should be met.


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