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Temenuzhka Petkova explained what happens with the energy capacities in Bulgaria

All energy capacities in Bulgaria operate in normal mode. This is what Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova said on the air of “Darik”.
“All necessary actions have been taken so that it is conditioning. Electricity generation, natural gas supplies are provided, so there is no room for concern to our energy system at the moment, “she added.

“As soon as signals about this epidemic appeared in all energy enterprises, certain measures were taken, certain plans of work were developed. Some of the colleagues, mainly from the administration, who can do their work from home, have moved from home, “Petkova added about the work of energy enterprises during the epidemic.

Kozloduy NPP and all energy enterprises are strategic objects in nature, they are related to our energy, respectively and national security, so the measures are clearly defined and are complied with by all working people.

Regarding the specific situation created, the small concerns about the health of the colleagues are isolated”, the Minister also stressed.