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Temenuzhka Petkova with a hot comment on the price of gas

I'm glad the nurses decided to come out. It's a good decision. Our government has always been consensual and open to dialogue. What is asked in the field of health care is done. Everything that depends on us, we do and we will continue to do so.
This is what Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova said in the programme “Panorama” on BNT.

“We are a democratic state and everyone has the right to express their will freely. What the nurses did wasn't right.

The individuals who appeared alongside the sisters show that attempts are being made to politicise this protest and it's not in anyone's best interests,” she added.

Minister Petkova commented on the news that Gazprom dropped the gas price on March 3rd by 40% for Bulgaria. “This whole renegotiation process takes its start from the EU-signed agreement with Gazprom in 2018.

It aimed to create market conditions in which trade in natural gas would take place. This is an extremely good news for everyone. This decision will give a breath of air to the Bulgarian business. We can't talk about a gift in this case. This is a trade agreement,” the energy minister stressed.

“The situation he is in is atypical. Usually we have money to give, now we are in a situation where we have money to receive. This is an unconventional situation.

First of all, we should be happy and secondly we will make a working group as soon as possible and we will find the mechanism to compensate the customers of Bulgargaz.

On April 1st, the EWRC should come up with a price for the next three months and by then we must have decided,” she said.

“We can categorically say that quotas and distribution of natural gas trade will not. After many years of talking about how important it is to have diversification, Bulgaria is already picking the fruits of this.

It is important for us to have the option to supply gas from different sources and through different routes. It gives us independence. This is in the interest of consumers, “Temenuzhka Petkova stressed.

“The main issue is to protect our national interest. This is what happens with the real actions we have done and respect for European rules. “Balkan Stream” will matter not only for Bulgaria, but for the whole region. We have complied with absolutely all EU rules,” she assured.