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The Agricultural Commission of the EP adopted a proposal by Ivo Hristov for the conservation of bees and Bulgarian breeds

EC to ensure that products imported into the EU from third countries are subject to the same measures as EU farmers in terms of sustainable production and biodiversity protection
The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development in the EP (AGRI) adopted the proposals of the Bulgarian MEP from the Group of Socialists and Democrats Ivo Hristov concerning the high mortality rate among pollinators, including honey bees, as well as his insistence on strict control regarding the substances harmful to pollinators.

With the texts submitted by the MEP, for the first time the unique Bulgarian breed of Eastern Balkan pig enters an official document of the Committee on Agriculture of the EP.

The amendments to the Strategy proposed by Ivo Hristov and adopted by the Agricultural Commission focus on the key influence of pollinators on biodiversity, agricultural yields and wild crops.

The MEP calls for strict control by the responsible authorities of EU Member States on the use of substances banned or harmful to pollinators.

Another focus in the adopted proposals of Ivo Hristov is the conservation of specific breeds of animals, which are part of the traditional livelihoods of different local communities in EU Member States. The MEP draws attention to the fact that diseases such as African swine fever threaten with complete extinction certain species such as the Eastern Balkan swine and calls for timely measures to be taken and a dedicated resource for its prevention.

The Bulgarian MEP is also a co-author of an amendment to the text of the strategy, which aims to ensure the same requirements for producers from third countries who export products to the EU in order not to put domestic producers at a disadvantage.

The opinion of the Agricultural Commission was adopted by 35 votes for, 8 against, 5 abstentions.

Ivo Hristov commented that his proposals are motivated by discussions with branch beekeeping associations in Bulgaria, which stressed that bees are one of the main factors for biodiversity conservation and part of ecosystem services and measures should be taken to resolve the problems in sector.

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