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The beach in Varna is shiny, the sea is clean, the first guests arrive (Photos)

Varna beach is ready for the summer season, the establishments are open, according to the regulations for safety from contamination. Prices for umbrella and sunbed are from 50 st to 5 lv.
This was shared for “24 hours” Andrey Vassilev, commercial director of the concessionaire company on the beach.

"The beach is cleaned, leveled and dewormed by employees of municipal enterprise “Disinfection, disinsection and deratization”, with whom we have a contract for the treatment of the beach throughout the season. There are enough rescue teams for the moment, after July 1, the teams will be in full capacity.

umbrellas and sun loungers are placed according to the safety guidelines of the Ministry of Tourism. Emergency services will be delivered by the medical teams from DCC I “St. Clementine.”

Andrey Vassilev stressed that the latest samples for the cleanliness of the sea water made by RHI Varna do not take into account any deviations.

“Come and see that the sea water on the beach of Varna is really clean, this often happens when the temperature is still lower. However, the first enthusiasts are already bathing in the sea”, Vassilev added.

The most expensive will be sunbeds and umbrellas on the central beach - 5 BGN each. Beach “Bunite 2" in Varna will offer them for leva, on the southern beach - 4.00 BGN. The amenities of the officers' beach - east will have prices of 2.50 BGN for umbrella and sun lounger, and Officers' West will be 1.00 BGN for each of the amenities.


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