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The boss of EWRC announces will the price of heating

The regulator will not allow an increase in the cost of thermal energy, the requests for this are unfounded.
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This said in an online statement the chairman of EWRC Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov in connection with allegations in the mass media for raising heat prices from July 1, 2020, Focus reported.

Assoc. Prof. Ivanov addressed all Bulgarian citizens.

"Welcome home calmly the brightest holiday of Christ's Resurrection. I would like to categorically state that any requests for an imminent increase in the cost of thermal energy are wholly unfounded.

EWRC will fairly adjust all price applications, eliminating unduly requested costs, will not allow price increases.

On the contrary, after the substantial reduction in the price of natural gas, which affects the price of thermal energy, I can say that the price of steam heating will be lower than the price of the past season”, he pointed out.