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The government obliged the retail chains to offer Bulgarian production

The aim is to enable the supply of local (regional) production

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the members of the Council of Ministers held an extraordinary government meeting via videoconferencing, the government press service said.

The government adopted a decree introducing an obligation on retail outlets representing chain stores to offer Bulgarian production to local (regional) producers at their premises. Places of sale should have an area sufficient for exposure and sale of the foodstuffs concerned and should be appropriately marked from which it is apparent that the products offered are regional production. Milk and dairy products from Bulgarian raw milk; fish and fish products; fresh meat and eggs; honey; fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables produced by regional producers should be offered in these places. A requirement for dairy products to be made entirely from Bulgarian raw milk is introduced. The adopted amendments do not require a change in the current order of supply at the sites, the only purpose is to enable local (regional) production to be offered.

Regional producers are producers or groups/organisations of producers with a place of activity in the territory of the administrative area in which the commercial establishment concerned is located or in the territory of a neighbouring administrative area bordering it. Administrative districts Sofia-city and Sofia-region are considered adjacent districts bordering Sofia — district, as well as the district of Plovdiv. Producers must be registered under the Farmers Assistance Act or own an object registered under the Food Act.

The adopted Decree aims to support small and local Bulgarian producers and to preserve their livelihoods. Local Bulgarian produce is fresher, fresh and more familiar, it is part of the local life and culture. Consumers should have the right to access local production, and their choice is what they prefer.

The adopted measure applies to retail establishments representing chains of self-service shops, for retail sale of food and non-food products, which have outlets in more than three administrative areas in the country.


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