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The International Fair for Trade in Services Ended Successfully

Yesterday, the International Trade in Services Fair was closed in Beijing, which achieved fruitful results. 240 agreements were concluded, 99 innovative achievements were presented, etc., Radio China reports.
Chinese Ministry of Commerce Director Sien Guoi said over 100 forums took place during the fair and more than 100 countries and areas took part. Enterprises have shown achievements in new industries, such as digital commerce, 5G telecommunications, industrial internet, smart technology offices, etc. With the fair, China has shown its idea of global cooperation and benefit sharing, expanding important trading partners, especially with countries under the “One Belt, One Road” initiative to promote cooperation in the field of trade in services.

According to the data, 5372 companies from around the world participated in the online exhibition, 32 online meetings and 173 live meetings and 1870 projects announced.



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