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The management of the road agency has also been fired (renewed)

The suspended claim that in the orders to release them as motive was recorded “at the discretion of the minister”
From Shumen, Pleven and Sofia Airport come the new three members of the Management Board of API

All three members of the Management Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency were replaced by the official construction minister Violeta Komitova on Wednesday late evening.

The main motive is that they have made advance payments for sites that do not have design readiness and permission to build. This topic also raised Maya Manolova at the meetings of her head of the Audit Committee in the 45th Parliament.

On Thursday all day, Chairman of Managing Board Georgi Terziyski and prof. Oleg Asenov and Eng. Ivan Dosev, they handed over the documentation to their successors. They commented that it was written in the dismissal orders that the separation was “at the discretion of the minister” rather than the advance payments or that they had “committed anything wrong.”

Ivan Dosev commented on the officially stated motives as “nonsens”, because according to him all payments were made as they were under the contracts and there was no practice to pay in advance. The API was a secondary authorising officer with budgetary resources and each payment was authorised by the MRDPD.

The new Chairman of the Board is Apostol Minchev and members - Ivaylo Denchev and Veselin Peykov. Minchev used to be head of the district road management in Shumen, then engaged in private business. Ivaylo Denchev is a longtime head of the district road management in Pleven.

The other member of the new management Veselin Peykov is represented by the MRDDB as a civil engineer with experience in the construction of “runways and highways”. This is the former head of Sofia Airport who resigned under the Oresharski government, but under Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski was head of the airport's board of directors.