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The market in Bulgaria - stable, with constant predominance of supply

The market is stable, with constant predominance of supply. We are observing the weakest dynamics in the food market. The truth is that we have a well-structured and balanced food market. This was stated by Vladimir Ivanov from the State Commission on Commodity Exchange and Markets in “The Day Begins with Georgi Lyubenov” on BNT.
According to his words, incomes have grown a lot compared to the growth in prices in recent years, and bread, for example, has increased by 2-3 percent, which as a nominal value is 10-12 stotinki.

The Bulgarian consumes more services in times, Ivanov said.

For the last year there has been a sharp change in the price of rice in March 2020 around 15% upwards, mainly because of COVID-19, in terms of oil the appreciation is related to climatic factors.

Significantly lower prices for fruits and vegetables during the last autumn-winter season are reported.

In terms of the price of meat a year and a half it has not changed. It is not true that there is no Bulgarian meat on the market, the number of pigs has been restored before the plague, said Vladimir Ivanov.


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