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The natural gas of “Gas Hub Balkan” is sold at a price of 25.50 BGN per MWh

On the platform of “Gas Hub Balkan” yesterday in the “day ahead” segment sold 1 970 MWh of natural gas at the price of 25.50 BGN for MWh with day of delivery today, 23 December, shows a reference on the site of the gas exchange. The achieved price for today is 0.66 percent lower than the price that was with delivery 22 December - 25.67 BGN for MWh. At the beginning of today's market, at 10.00 hours, 2 000 MWh were sold at 25.49 BGN for MWh for tomorrow day of delivery /24 December/.
In the “Intraday market” segment for yesterday, December 22, 210 MWh of natural gas were sold at a price of 24.96 BGN per MWh. The reference price for today is 25.50 BGN for MWh.