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The new economy minister with very important news for £400m

The economy ministry's top priority is publicity and transparency. The departmental actions are deepening. The measure associated with limiting a “success” fee is not to hobble the consultancy business, it has its role, but the rates they want for themselves are too serious.
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This was stated by the Minister of Economy Ray Zar Borisov on Channel 3 airwaves.

The measures of the Ministry of Economy are aimed entirely at the business that is affected.

Most of them are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses because this is the backbone of the economy.

Checks are being made for the absence of tax liabilities, he pointed out.

A law on public enterprises was adopted. The Council of Ministers then adopted an ordinance where it says that all governance bodies are subject to a competitive appointment.

The bodies they appoint do not depend on the Minister, but are towards different institutions for more transparency. Bulgarian Development Bank is subject to another regulation, said Minister Borisov.

He promised a vouch scheme for the transport business - BGN 400 million should be injected into small and medium-sized enterprises.

There will be regulatory changes to attract new investments. There is a policy to shorten the supply chain in Europe and Bulgaria should benefit from this.

There will be an option to support strategic investors with a €35 million cash grant, Lachezar Borisov said in conclusion.