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The Ombudsman pointed out what should happen to the cost of electricity

Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva does not support the draft decision of the EWRC, which keeps the price of electricity the same, although that of natural gas decreased by over 40 percent. This was announced by the Ombudsman's press centre.
Because of the security measures related to the coronavirus, the Ombudsman stated her position at the Skype Regulator meeting and later sent her written opinion to the committee.

According to her, refusal to reduce the cost of electricity is difficult to explain, especially since the emergency situation we are in does not imply taking such a decision.

Diana Kovacheva believes that EWRC owes an explanation to Bulgarian citizens, in an accessible way, about the decision to take. The reduction in the price of natural gas should have an adequate and fair effect on the cost of electricity, according to the Ombudsman.