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The price of one of the most massive products in Bulgaria has skyrocketed!

Wholesale food 8 per cent more expensive than last October, flour recorded a record jump of 9.5 per cent in just a week, the Monitor reports.
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The Market Prices Index (ITRs) of the State Commission for Commodity Boss and Marketing (DCCBT) shows that, compared to the beginning of the same month, 2019 has an increase of 7.97% (from 1.367 points), data from the departement site shows.

In the past first working week of October, the prices of most vegetables have become cheaper, with fruits prevailing, while on most dairy, meat and agricultural foods prices have risen.

Of the vegetables on a weekly basis the most are the carrots (-16.7% to 0.60 lv/kg), followed by greenhouse cucumbers (-15.4% to 1.32 lv/kg), ripe onion (-8.0% to 0.69 lv/kg), potatoes (-6.2% to 0.61 lv/kg), green pepper (-5.9% to 1.11 lv/kg), greenhouse tomatoes (-4.9% to 1.96 lv/kg), cabbage (-4.6% to 0.62 lv/kg), mature garlic (-2.8% to 4.22 lv/kg) and paprika (-0.7% to 1.37 lv/kg). Only Polish tomatoes (+3.0% to 1.37 lv/kg) and Polish cucumbers (+0.8% to 1.24 lv/kg) have increased price.

In the case of fruits on a weekly basis, the SCT reported the greatest appreciation for watermelons (+16.7% to 0.63 lv/kg), followed by apples (+15.0% to 1.38 lv/kg), grapes (-11.1% to 1.60 lv/kg) and peaches (+9.3% to 1.65 lv/kg). Lemons have become cheaper (-10.8% to 2.48 lv/kg), followed by bananas (-1.4% to 2.08 lv/kg).

In the segment of dairy, meat and other agricultural products on a weekly basis the most inexpensive is the durable boiled smoked salami (-10.3% to 8.62 lv/kg), and the most expensive are the small sausages, including ham (+10.7% to 5.47 lv/kg), followed by flour type 500 (+ 5% to 1.04 BGN/kg), lentils (+5.8% to 2.44 lv/kg), eggs (+5.3% to 0.20 lv/pieces), ripe beans (+5.2% to 4.05 lv/kg), oil (+3.5% to 2.34 lv/liter), frozen chicken (+3.1% to 3.99 lv/kg), Vitosha cheese (+3.5% 2.9% to 10.92 lv/kg), cow cheese (+2.6% to 7.02 lv/kg), rice (+2.3% to 2.21 lv/kg), chicken sausages (+1.8% to 3.96 lv/kg), sugar (+0.7% to 1.35 lv/kg) and butter packet (+0.5% to 1.91 lv/pieces).