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The Prime Minister announced more of the important decisions VIDEO

“We also provide important support to our students. We have allocated up to 100 million leva to improve the material base in the student dormitories and for scholarships”, this is what Prime Minister Boyko Borissov wrote in his personal Facebook profile.
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"For years with our actions, we have shown that education is a long-term and irrevocable priority for the government. That's what we're doing today. Because it is education and science that are in the main arsenal of means to deal with all the challenges of today”, said the Prime Minister.

Borisov also reported good news about health care.

"Every day we work for even better and modern health care in hospitals for Bulgarian patients. The new 42 high-pass ambulances with lifesaving equipment will reinforce the Emergency Assistance system.

Is this the day Borisov will announce the tough decisions? VIDEO

With 2.4 million leva we provide ultra-modern multifunctional equipment for the traumatology of Pirogov, which will ease the work of doctors and enable them to get faster and even more qualitative diagnostics.

Support of 2 million leva received “Mother's Home” for the robotic system “Da Vinci” for bloodless surgical interventions.

We also allocate 8.66 million leva for strengthening of the infectious units in the military hospitals in Sofia and Sliven, as well as for the purchase of important medical equipment.

With all these actions, we build on the health system. These are important decisions for the benefit of all Bulgarian citizens”, Borisov explained.

"We support families with children up to 14 years of age by giving them the right to monthly targeted assistance during a state of emergency or epidemic emergency.

The aid will amount to one minimum wage. It will be able to rely on parents who cannot work remotely from home and do not have the option of paid annual leave.

For the implementation of the new measure to deal with the consequences of COVID-19 we provide 20 million leva per month. In times of unprecedented ordeal like the pandemic of the coronavirus, this is a good solution for working parents”, Borisov said.