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The Prime Minister announced will $350 per cover be distributed for everyone because of the crisis! BLITZ TV

“Will we give money? Yo, that's it. Giving money to people from other people's taxes”, so Prime Minister Boyko Borisov began his answer to a journalist's question whether it was discussed to give a grant to all those affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus.
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“Talk about the worst crisis in history. Even the wars were different. It's war! Everything should be on the table!” the prime minister said.

“If there are people who are forced to quit their jobs, but supposedly by mutual consent, to come and complain to us so that we know who the companies are doing this”, Borisov said.

Borisov plotted to ease quarantine and big money for police officers BLIZ TV

“What we need to be able to save for pension money, doctors...

We do not know how long this crisis will last. If I know that May 13th will end, we'll give billions to the people... to buy our elections.

The Prime Minister predicted a dramatic turn with K-19 next week BLIC TV

Seven million at 350 dollars per person (as they did in Albania)... you want to give away three and a half billion

So far we are not discussing this “, Borisov said.

“Keeping the money is not bad. The opposite. You should be worried if we are now on a lid hand out the money massively,” the prime minister said.


Published by on Tuesday, April 21, 2020