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The prime minister for the president: He lied on bTV yesterday. I swear on my grandchildren! VIDEO

“This was one of the companies approved by all over Europe for sewing masks. A large market opens to them - not only in Bulgaria, but also in the office. We are remaking the economy so that those who can work can do it”, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said on his way out of the tailoring workshop in Haskovo, who visited earlier today.
BLIC recalls that there he spoke for the wedding of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov.

"We go around restructuring so people can get salaries and feed their families.

We have allocated tens of millions to help single mothers and people who have no income”, Borisov assured.

"I have great criticism of myself - I didn't have to bend back when we were very confidently walking towards the euro area. You can see that now trillions are being allocated to the reconstruction of the countries that are in the euro area.

Very powerful by the end of April we will hand over our prospects.

Bulgaria is beautifully financially and economically structured.

We have only one condition to fulfill, and we will. We'll reapply. Not that we gave up, but we decided to be slower so that we could have time to convince people,” the prime minister explained.

From his words it became clear that for the moment no new external debt has been withdrawn and for the moment it is not necessary.

"I'm not going to comment on this guy! It's like one person slapping you, and then the bTV announcement is “two slapping each other.” It's not fair when someone attacks, you say, “two fight and punch.

He lied yesterday. I swear on my grandchildren. He called me and said he would return the veto in the two points” - Borisov cut off on a question about what he would say about yesterday's speech by President Rumen Radev, who announced whether there was a conflict between them.

"Who's talking about morgues and corpses? You just do like table tennis — ping pong — he said, then he said.

I do my job!

We have about 30 medicines that say it cures the coronavirus”, Borisov said.


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