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The program for student brigades Work and travel is not suspended, it is postponed until 13 May

In connection with the information about the “suspension” of the student program Work and Travel /WAT/, known in Bulgaria as a program for student brigades in the USA, the Association of Agencies for International Cultural Exchange states that the program is regulated by the US State Department through sponsoring organizations and American employers, not being suspended by the host country at present.
“By decision of the Department, it was temporarily postponed until 13 May, 2020, which at present does not mean its postponement and does not even affect the travel deadlines of a significant part of the Bulgarian students,” the association said.

And they note that the spread and management of the coronavirus pandemic across the world puts us in a dynamic situation that requires clear and timely information from competent authorities on which the short-term plans of all of us depend, including students who have enrolled under the WAT program for this summer.

We are aware that under a state of emergency, the National Operational Staff for Combating COVID-19 is empowered to propose solutions and take measures related to human health and safety. The HQ itself has repeatedly stated that the measures depend on the dynamics and development of the situation. When it comes to international programmes, they depend on the will and decisions of both the host and the sending party informed by the association.

And again assure that at the moment the Work and Travel program has not been stopped. It has been postponed until 13 May 2020, which is a month after the period of the state of emergency introduced in Bulgaria at present.

"By thanking the Bulgarian Government, Bulgarian medics and the National Operational Headquarters for the regular information, we note that summaries for suspension of programs, products and activities at the present time, outside the period 13 April, 2020, until the official decision for state of emergency, and nearly 2 months until the launch of a certain program for which enrollments have already been completed, creates unnecessary panic and making hasty decisions that are detrimental to everyone,” commented by the association.And appeal to the students who have already stated and organized their travel for the student brigade, stay calm and wait for the period of the state of emergency in Bulgaria, as well as the temporary suspension of the program.

All of us, the organizations partnering the program and sponsorship organizations in the United States, are in continuous contact, monitor the dynamics of the situation and continue to work to resolve all cases in the best way for all participants in the program, said the Association of Agencies for international cultural exchange.


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