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The program helping women in business - Smart Lady, becomes 3 years old

Thanks to it over 700 Bulgarian women have established and developed their business, and Fibank has allocated over 85 million levs in their support
Creating and running a successful business of your own is still a challenge, especially if you're a woman. Therefore, to help in our country exactly on March 8 three years ago, launched the Smart Lady program. It is launched by First Investment Bank AD and provides opportunities for lending to women in business with preferential conditions, has numerous training programs, seminars and mentoring, as well as the opportunity to engage in the business community and receive support.

Since its creation, Smart Lady has given a hand to over 700 Bulgarian women who create and develop their own business with her help. According to Fibank data, more than BGN 85 million have been allocated in their aid.

But the help is far from only financial - since the launch of the program so far more than 250 ladies from Sofia and six other cities in the country have undergone special trainings and trainings on topics created specifically for them — Digital marketing, Presentation skills, Overcoming Objections, Skills negotiation, etc.

In addition, in 2019, a web-based platform Smart Lady was created, which brings together ladies in the business to this day. There they receive information in different fields — education, events, seminars and various potential opportunities. From a place of education, the platform quickly becomes a place providing various business opportunities - Smart Lady ladies have the opportunity to establish business contacts with each other, presenting their company, as well as looking for new business partners. In 2020, the project's creators reported 55.6 percent growth in their audience, compared to 2019.

In the same year the Smart Lady Club started, whose idea is that every month the ladies meet live in an informal setting with Bulgarian women who have successfully created and developed a business.

Success requires a lot of work, a pinch of luck and support from a loyal partner. From 2018 to 2021, five ladies entrepreneurs, part of the Smart Lady family (Simona Srebranova, Tatyana Boyadzhieva, Lyubka Gesheva, Vesela Stamenova — Djorova, Yanitsa Yoncheva), received first awards in the categories “Most Successful Bulgarian in Business” and “Female Entrepreneurship” in the competitions — “Best Best Bulgarian in Business” Bulgarian company “and “Golden Martenitsa”.

The program is recognized as a pioneer in its field. Evidence of this are many awards he received over the years:


• 2b2 Awards — Business Debut of the Year

• Business Lady Awards — Launch of a brand

• My Love Marks Awards — Innovative brands

• European excellence award


• Product of the Year

• Website of the Year — vote of the Year — vote of the Year

audience, second place