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The season at sea begins timidly

Sidly begins the season by the sea. For May holidays ready to open are between 40% and 45% of accommodation on the Black Sea coast. This is what the calculations of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism show. Realistically, however, there will be tourists in a small part of the bases.
Despite canceled bookings, vacationing over the holiday weekend there will still be.

There are more tourists in Sozopol, but they come only for an overnight stay — two. Holidaymakers are mostly from the capital, BBC TV said.

Units are the bases opened for weekends along the Northern Black Sea coast. In Balchik there are only three hotels, which have several rooms booked by Bulgarians, despite the 20 percent lower prices.

And in Kranevo the situation is identical. In some hotels expect the first tourists, albeit only for two nights. In others, bookings made were cancelled at the last minute.

Along with Bulgarian tourists, in the North mainly rely on Romanians. But it is still unclear when they will be able to rest in our country.

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