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The Social Minister with a big financial news

As of January 1st, we are proposing to extend the “Save Me” measure. Thus, the compensation of 24 leva per day will increase. The employees receive 24 BGN per day if they are insured at 8 o'clock and are on unpaid leave.
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In practice, this is the double amount of the minimum unemployment benefit in the country, representing just over 80% of the minimum salary. When employees have been provided on a 4-hour working day contract, the amounts are 14 leva per day.

This was stated by Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva in the “More from the Day” programme on BNT.

To date, the applications for compensation under “Save Me” are 4 019 for 19 576 workers. Almost half of those approved for compensation work in restaurants and drinking establishments, she cited the data.

"The measure lasts until 31 January, 60/40 and 80/20 will continue until the end of March”, the Social Minister announced. She assured there was a possibility for additional benefits.

According to Minister Sacheva, those applying for the assistance will receive it in December. Those who now submit an application will receive the funds a month later, as is and when wages are received.

“The one who has been in solidarity with the system will receive better compensation than those who have not done so. Another issue is that there are workers who have agreed to be provided on smaller salaries, “Sacheva explained.

"Social benefits are available to all who have no income or destitute. Today we have provided 85 million leva for patronage care of the municipalities. When someone has information about a person in distress, they should alert the social services, “she said.

To date, 615 million leva have been paid under the measure, 108 000 jobs have been preserved. Since the beginning of March, the retained jobs have been over 200,000. If it is necessary to continue the measures, we will look for an opportunity to continue them by drawing a loan, Minister Sacheva said.